Lise Vanrycke. Born and raised in Paris by creative parents, a photographer and a painter,
Lise has always been immersed in the world of Art and Design. Studying Fine Art at
University, she pursued her lifelong passion and founded Vanrycke in 2000. Transfixed by the
Parisian lifestyle, she aspires to catch the spirit of time and capture modernity in motion.
Striving for simplicity and precise proportions, each of her designs encapsulate a sense of
femininity and sensuality.


‘I can be inspired by anything: the collar of a Saint Laurent jacket, slender hands, a stone, or
a piece of work of Carl Andre’.





Jewellery Care


Fine jewellery is delicate, requiring attentive care for longevity.
If you have any queries about caring for your jewellery, please contact us at for more information.



If your item becomes damaged, we can arrange a repair for you. Each repair needs to be assessed and is generally sent to Paris, taking 2-6 weeks. Repairs usually incur a cost, which is determined on assessment of the damage. Please email through a picture and description of the damage to, and we'll advise from there.


Vanrycke rings are sized to the European sizing system, which relates to the internal circumference of the ring in millimeters. 

Please refer to our sizing chart below. If you're not sure of your ring size, you can order one of our rings multisizers here